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Why would anyone NOT use a Realtor when purchasing from Developer/Builder?

Real Estate Question of the day….Why would anyone NOT use their own Realtor when purchasing from Developer/Builder?  Because guess what?  You’re still using an agent!  The person sitting at the site or in the model home is selling you the house/condo and has a real estate license.  So basically, you’re using the seller’s agent to be your buyer’s agent.  (Rule #1 in any first-time home-buyer’s book: Don’t use the seller’s agent as your own!)  I think everyone would agree that having your own agent act on your behalf and guide you through the entire process would benefit you not only financially but mentally.

I actually heard someone say that it seemed having a buyer’s agent only added “one more individual in the mix”.  Are you kidding me?  Why wouldn’t you want someone working in your best interest?  I would definitely want someone “in the mix” representing me and only me because that person would know my financial situation, family situation, and life situation.

Most people know nada about real estate and real estate law — right?  You probably have no clue about stuff like inspections and title insurance.  If purchasing a condo, you have not clue about HOA’s and Budgeting for repairs.  Even if you’ve read some sort of Real Estate for Dummies, you don’t have knowledge of the local market, negotiations, or knowledge of the reputation of the seller/builder.  Realtors do indeed help you negotiate.  You tell them how much of a discount you want, they guide you on recent sales, pending sales, and active sales — all information that helps you ultimately decide what you feel a property is worth.

Consult a local agent, at least.  There’s no charge to talk to someone and since the Buyer’s Agent commission is paid by the seller/builder, there is no charge to you to use their expert services.  Way back before I became a Realtor, I had a house built and didn’t know to use a Realtor.  Boy, did I overpay!  I also had no one do walk throughs and final walk throughs with and there were some real issues.  I didn’t know to get representation.  Don’t make that same mistake!!  With that said, I am here to help with real estate questions anytime.  I would also love to be your agent “in the mix”…..mixing things up in your best interests for your Jacksonville Real Estate purchase.