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Sellers are Motivated in Jacksonville!

When Jacksonville Real Estate supply exceeds demand, buyers have the upper hand-and that’s where we are now! The current supply of homes for sale now stands at 12.5 months, meaning that at today’s pace of home sales, it would take twelve and a half months for the existing inventory to sell. For you as buyer, this means lots of choices, lots of negotiating power, and that smart sellers are fiercely competing for your business, both in terms of the price and the condition of their homes.  Visit my site for a FREE LIST of Foreclosed or Short Sale Properties.

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Do you know people whose wealth is in th

Do you know people whose wealth is in the home they live in? What would their lives look like today if they had rented all those years?

Lenders are back in the game.

While the final quarter of 2009’s financial meltdown led to a sense that financing had dried up, mortgage funds are now available. “If you have a job and can afford the payment, chances are you’ll qualify for a mortgage,” says David Reed, author and mortgage banker. For more reasons why now is prime time to buy a home, contact me and I’ll send you a free ebook.

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Ownership costs are dropping below rental costs!

The recent downturn in the housing market resulted in a drop in rental rates, but rents are back on the rise while the cost of home ownership has dropped. As average apartment rental rates have slightly decreased, the decline has been moderate in comparison to home values, which have declined nationwide by 30 to 40 percent since the peak of the housing boom. For more reasons why now is prime time to buy a home, contact me and I’ll send you a free eBook

Did you know that the monthly cost of owning your own home will be equal to or less than the cost of renting an apartment or home?

Think of it this way; If you rent a home, it is typically owned by someone that has a mortgage on that home.  That person is in the business of making money.  Essentially, you are paying at least the cost of his mortgage or more.  You will never see that money again!

But if you purchase a home, you will have your own mortgage to pay.  The difference is that if you decide to sell your home for what is owed or more, then you would have lived in your home for FREE throughout the duration of your stay.  If you decide not to sell your home, then you will have entered the ranks of the investment property owners and will continue to make money off of your investment.

Many Americans are content to rent after witnessing the crumbling housing market in recent years. But with rent on the rise and home prices continuing to fall, a reversal is in sight.

Some real estate professionals anticipate home prices to fall further, with some economists expecting a 15% to 30% drop this year. This might be bad news for household finances and current homeowners fearing that their most prized asset stands to lose more in value. On the flip side, this makes homes more affordable and might finally spur more home sales, especially at a time when the rate of home construction has been the lowest since before the Second World War.

Renting Disadvantages

  • No matter what happens with home values, you will not gain equity
  • Limited or no ability to personalize
  • No tax advantages to renting.  Landlord gets all the applicable tax breaks
  • You are paying your Landlords mortgage

Renting Advantages

  • More fixed Costs for term of lease
  • When lease is up, you can just move
  • Less work in maintaining for apartment or condo living
  • Small amount of Upfront case

Jacksonville Home ownership remains at the core of the American Dream

Jacksonville Home Ownership opportunities are better than an ever!  A recent Fannie Mae study reveals that the majority of Americans still aspire to own a home – and for good reason.  Owning a home is critical to financial stability and wealth building.  A home serves as a forced savings account and provides a solid asset, as well as a place to live.  Despite the recent market upheaval, the vast majority of Americans still consider home ownership to be important to the economy and preferable to renting.  Since the end of World War II, promoting home ownership has been high on the list of the federal government’s priorities, and will continue to be so.  For more reasons  why now is prime time to buy Jacksonville homes, contact me and I’ll send you a free ebook.

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To Buy a Home or to Not Buy a Home…That is the Question.

In case, you haven’t “gotten” it, I am pro-home ownership.  I even changed my profession because of this passion.  I spent many grueling years as a mortgage broker and loved every minute of it.  My husband and I purchased our first home at a young age because we were tired of asking permission to paint, get things fixed, and having to move.  Yes folks, we even had to move once because the homeowner didn’t pay the mortgage on the house we were renting.  I just didn’t like having all aspects of my home in “someone elses” hands.  So, have you been kicking around the idea of whether you should rent or buy your next home?  Well, here are my thoughts below.  Check into your personal situation and see what makes sense for you.  If not right now, form a plan of where you need to be to make home ownership possible.

1)  The bottom of the market doesn’t come around very often so home prices will rebound and begin increasing.

2)  Mortgage rates are low.  Freddie Mac showed rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaging 4.87 percent with an average 0.7 point this week, up slightly from 4.86 percent last week but down from 5.21 percent a year ago. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit an all-time low in Freddie Mac records dating to 1971 of 4.17 percent during the week ending Nov. 11.

3)  Mortgage Interest is tax deductible.

4)  You can make the property “your own”.

5)  Your home is not in the hands of a landlord that could evict you.

A great resource is on the link below:  They have some really cool tools to help you in your quest, i.e. Rent vs. Buying comparison chart, Rent vs. Buying calculator, and an affordability calcuator.

Florida’s existing home, condo sales up in January

ORLANDO, Fla. – Feb. 23, 2011 – Florida’s existing home and existing condo sales rose in January, according to the latest housing data released by Florida Realtors®. Existing home sales increased 14 percent last month with a total of 12,151 homes sold statewide compared to 10,702 homes sold in January 2010, according to Florida Realtors. January’s statewide sales of existing condos rose 36 percent compared to the previous year’s sales figure.

Seventeen of Florida’s metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) reported increased existing home sales in January; 16 MSAs had higher condo sales.

“Now is a great time for anyone thinking of buying a home in Florida to make that decision,” said 2011 Florida Realtors® President Patricia Fitzgerald, manager/broker-associate with Illustrated Properties in Hobe Sound and Mariner Sands Country Club in Stuart. “Mortgage rates are historically low, although they are beginning to tick up slightly as the economy shows signs of strengthening. Conditions remain very favorable for buyers, with a range of housing inventory and attractive prices.

Keller Williams Realty Announces Numbers for 2010, Continued Growth During Real Estate Downturn

Keller Williams Realty Announces Numbers for 2010,
Continued Growth During Real Estate Downturn
Company Launches eEdge Industry’s First Lead-To-Close Business Solution Today
AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 21, 2011)–Keller Williams Realty reported today at its national convention that it ended 2010 with 79,315 associates, 701 market centers (offices), and associate profit share up 7.2 percent, with its agents receiving $34.6 million dollars back. Since the inception of the profit sharing program, the company has given back over $304 million in earnings to its agents. Additionally, CEO Mark Willis shared in his annual State of the Company address to more than 8,000 convention attendees that, since the real estate market’s sharp downturn in 2005, the company has grown 30 percent in agents, 40 percent in market centers, 21 percent in closed units and 11 percent in closed GCI.
“Keller Williams agents have outpaced the market in every way, through productivity and profit share. As a company, we are better off now than we were before the shift–and we have our associates to thank for that,” said Willis.
The growth of the company can be attributed to the growth of its agents. Agent productivity continued to rise with units closed up 6 percent from December 2009 to 2010, while comparably, the NAR membership as a whole went down in closed units 4.8 percent. Overall the company’s associates saw productivity year on year percentage increases across the board in listings taken (up 13 percent), contracts closed volume (up 9 percent) and contracts closed units (6 percent).
“These numbers are the most important to us because they are proof that our agents are succeeding, making more money and growing their businesses. They are truly breaking through,” Willis added. Willis also did the honors of “turning on” the industry’s first complete lead-to-close business solution, eEdge, during his address. This unique tool is now available to every Keller Williams associate at a fraction of the cost they would normally pay with functionality to build their leads, database and sales. Additionally, with the company-wide paperless transaction system, consumers can expect a faster, more seamless closing process. “We want to thank our associates and their unwavering commitment to the growth of their businesses and leading the way in the industry in technology,” said Mary Tennant, president and COO of Keller Williams Realty. “Keller Williams Realty wouldn’t be forging ahead with such an important product like eEdge without the support of our agents and their vote!”
In addition to reporting positive growth and technological advancement, the company received many accolades in 2010 including:
  • Entrepreneur magazine, No. 1 ranked real estate franchise on the 31st Annual Franchise 500 list
  • J.D. Power and Associates, highest in overall satisfaction ratings from home buyers among the largest full-service real estate firms for the third  year in a row
  • Inman News, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board Gary Keller named one of the 100 Most Influential Leaders in Real Estate
  • Training Magazine, highest ranking real estate franchise on the annual Training Top 125, #47 Overall
About Keller Williams Realty, Inc.:
Founded in 1983, Keller Williams Realty Inc. is the third-largest real estate franchise operation in the United States, with 690 offices and almost 80,000 associates in the United States and Canada. The company, which began franchising in 1990, has an agent-centric culture that emphasizes access to leading-edge education and promotes an economic model that rewards associates as stakeholders and partners. The company also provides specialized agents in luxury homes and commercial real estate properties. For more information, or to search for homes for sale visit Keller Williams Realty online at (